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NFT: The Haunted BusStop

The mysterious Park N Ride is located in the city of Arcanica, on a world, parallell to our own. A world where magic and the miraculous are real, sometimes, glorious, and sometime terrifying. When I think of this world, I'm can't help but also think of the work of Jorge Luis-Borges, Mark Danielewski's (in)famous novel: The House of Leaves, some of the better work at the-scp foundation, and everybody's favorite magus: Aleister Crowley.
The Park N Ride is meant to be eerie, but not horrific and is meant to have a touch of sci-fi flavor in addition to this uncannyness. Hopefully, scene will feel somewhat unsettling in its vacancy and the suggestion that, perhaps just before the arrival the end-user's arrival, there were people waiting for the bus. There was at least one person, but they vanished leaving only a hat behind them.
The bus will never come....